Who has the Time - Half Past

Who has the Time - Half Past

This game has been designed as an introductory activity for learning half-past on an analogue and digital clock. It is perfect for maths rotations.

Suitable for

  •  Fast Finishers
  •  Relief Teachers
  •  Parents

Lesson Structure

  •  Individual Activity
  •  Rotations / Group Work
  •  Class Activity
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This game has been designed at an introductory level. If, however, you would like students to have a reference point, direct them to view the half-past charts. http://www.teachthis.com.au/products/view-resource/link/Half-Past-Wall-Charts/id/3712/
Play a fast-paced class game of I Have... Who Has... time to the half hour. http://www.teachthis.com.au/products/view-resource/link/I-Have-Who-Has-oClock-and-Half-Past-V1/id/4412/