Sight Word - Match N

Sight Word - Match N

This game of 'Sight Words Match N' includes words 131-140 of our sight words list, covering only List N. Each of the games in this series are colour coded to match the corresponding list. 


Use this game straight after introducing the new set of words to students. It's easier than Bingo options, because students don't have to rely on visual memory yet. They can simply match words graphemically. Remember to read words aloud to move towards storing each word in visual memory. 

Suitable for

  •  Fast Finishers
  •  Relief Teachers
  •  Parents

Lesson Structure

  •  Individual Activity
  •  Rotations / Group Work
  •  Class Activity
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If you are struggling to hold your students' attention, consider adding a fun rule to the game. For example, you might decide that each time somebody rolls a 6, somebody can use a water pistol to shoot and read a word on a wall, run a car through a Hot Wheels loop once, everybody receives a sticker etc. It doesn't matter what it is, it just helps to add some fun elements. You could also implement the use of a reward chart, where students receive a counter for every word they match and say correctly, earning a small prize for every 10 words matched.
Sight Words Bingo - Set N - Bingo is much more challenging for students as it requires them to hear the word, use their visual memory to picture it in their mind before looking for it on the bingo grid. This game also includes the option of including extension activities for those students who are ready for this progression.